Over fifty leading retailers, restaurant chains, packaged foods brands, and other food companies have committed using only cage-free eggs in their supply chain.


Around the world, studies by the European Food Safety Authority and others have shown that cage-free egg farms have lower rates of salmonella contamination and improved welfare for hens. Cage-free eggs are also often higher in vitamins, minerals, and overall food quality.


Shifting to using only cage-free eggs is a great way to provide increased food safety and the highest quality products for your customers.

Our team works with leading food brands to provide insight into the cage-free egg issue and why and how to make the switch. We offer a comprehensive guide to help you find cage-free egg suppliers that are right for you, and we can also work with your current supplier to help them move toward efficient cage-free production.


Let’s work together to help your company continue to meet the highest standards for food safety and quality.

Starbucks and Costa Coffee, two of the country’s three largest coffee chains, have committed to use only cage-free eggs in their supply chain.

Leading retailer CarreFour announced its shifting it’s own brand-eggs to cage-free, while METRO, City Shop, and city’super have announced a full switch to cage-free.

JinJiang-owned hotel brand Radisson announced it will serve its guests only cage-free eggs in China and around the world.


You want to keep up with the highest food safety and food quality standards for your customers. Lever Foods can help by providing your team with:


Get expert advice from a team that has worked with some of the largest domestic and international food companies on this issue.


Our planning materials cover the latest market trends on the issue and provide insight into government and public opinion on cage-free eggs


We offer a comprehensive list of cage-free egg suppliers, and can also work with your current supplier to help them add cage-free production.


If you decide to shift to cage-free eggs, we can help your company secure positive media coverage to earn you the praise you deserve.

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