Plant-based meat is made from healthy vegetables and grains, and uses advanced food science techniques to create the look, taste, flavor, texture and nutrition of animal meat. By understanding the biochemical composition and three-dimensional structure of meat, modern companies produce high-quality “version 2.0” plant-based meats that taste great and meet the needs of consumers. They are typically targeted at people who eat meat but who would like to eat more plant-based protein for health or sustainability reasons. Today the plant-based meat industry has over 7 billion RMB in sales per year and is growing at 14% per year, with exciting new brands hitting the market each year.


Plant-based dairy is also a large and expanding sector. Leading domestic dairy companies like Yili Group, Vitasoy and Dali Group have all launched their own plant-based milk lines. While plant-based milk products have historically been made with soy, newer brands are also using as almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, and coconut milk. In addition to milk, other plant-based dairy products such as plant-based yogurt and cheese are starting to gain in popularity.

From established food groups to startup entrepreneurs, Lever Foods can help you understand and tap in to the growing alternative protein market.


We help leading packaged foods, food service, and meat and dairy brands add plant-based meat and dairy products to their offerings, and help them develop their own delicious alternative protein products. We help entrepreneurs launch new plant-based meat companies or form joint ventures with international brands. We work with domestic and international investors to introduce them to investment opportunities in the alternative protein sector. And we educate consumers on the benefits and latest news on these products, to help connect the public to great plant-based meat and dairy products.

The popular chain restaurant Wagas launched its Flexitarian Future Bolognese with plant-based ground pork brand OmniPork

Honglicun Rice Noodle Roll partnered with domestic plant-based meat startup Starfield to launch plant-based meat rice rolls in hundreds of branches

Leading packaged good brands Baicaowei and Three Squirrels have both launched plant-based meat snack products

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The Lever Foods team has over 15 years experience working with some of the world’s leading plant-based meat and dairy brands. We offer the following services to help you tap into the opportunities in the alternative protein sector:

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Professional guidance

Our team has wide-ranging experience with alternative protein, including on product development, marketing, sourcing, investing and brand building

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Industry insights

We track and compile the latest market data, trends and consumer insights, and monitor existing and new companies in the alternative protein sector

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Sourcing and formulation

We offer a comprehensive guide to existing plant-based meat products and suppliers, and a roster of experts who can help you develop your own

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Marketing and promotion

We offer free publicity and promotional activities on our social media platforms and to our media contacts to help promote your plant-based products

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