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The purpose of Lever’s venture builder program is to help entrepreneurs launch companies by providing access to business and technical expertise, ongoing full-service entrepreneurial support and access to ‘friends and family’ pre-seed funding.

What you can expect

The Lever venture building director becomes an embedded member of your team helping you to navigate each stage of your start-up. We are committed to supporting your business and the critical role it plays in our mission of creating a more humane and sustainable protein supply chain in Asia.


Key functions can include: Conducting market research and idea validation, business plan formulation, financial projections, navigating the incorporation process, talent recruitment/leadership team buildout, product R&D, marketing, preparation of pitch decks, and fundraising support for seed rounds.


Benefits of Partnering
with Lever

  • Subject Matter Expertise: As a sector specialist, Lever China tracks 70+ Chinese alternative protein companies and monitors 3,000 globally
  • Strong Network: Lever China is well connected with investors, accelerators and food companies interested in alternative protein
  • Dedicated Staff: Your venture builder becomes an extension of your team — spending 10-20 hours per week helping you build your company over the critical first 18 months
  • Highly Selective: Only 2 aspiring entrepreneurs/teams chosen annually for in-depth support
  • Blind-spot Detection: We work with you to evaluate the market opportunity, competitive landscape, and the strengths/gaps of the founding team
  • Holistic Early-stage Support: Connections to other investors, sector insights, and assistance with product development and marketing
  • Investment Funding: Pre-seed capital to support critical stage growth
  • Customization: Each founder has their own areas of expertise and experience, so we focus our venture building efforts where it is most beneficial to you

Interested in working together?

There is no requirement to have a defined business plan, nor do you need a finalized product idea to take part in the program. Those are part of the service we provide. Reach out to us with your resume or/and questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

郑玮欣 Yoanna Zheng
创投总监,初创企业孵化 Director of New Ventures
电子邮箱: yoanna@leverchina.com
微信: yoannawxz